Rise, Tomorrow Girl

In the near future seventeen-year-old Canadian Leanne Khoury watches a second twenty-first century global pandemic—this one highly fatal in young adults—steal the life of her best friend. When Leanne is stricken ill too her affluent parents have her cryogenically frozen in a facility performing experimental procedures. Reanimated and cured of virus years later, Leanne isn’t the same. Her awareness intermittently ‘disconnects’, stalling her body and mind. But it’s more than that. Snatches of memories from evolutionary ancestors bleed through her consciousness, leaving her feeling as unnatural as Frankenstein’s monster on the inside.

Over a billion people perished during the pandemic, decimating a generation, and when Leanne's released from the cryo facility she struggles to integrate into a Canada and world that has technologically and socially moved on without her. Although the virus is no longer a threat, Leanne is far from safe. In the United States organized extremists threaten legitimate government, regularly committing attacks on U.S. soil. Then radical American expansionist soldiers invade parts of Canada and Leanne, along with others not accepted by the radical invaders, must fight for her survival.

Rise, Tomorrow Girl cover. A girl in profile against a futuristic city. Her head is encased in a portal/orb and a military robot lurks in the background.

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Release date: June 21, 2024
ISBN-13: 978-1-7383458-0-9
EBOOK: 978-1-7383458-1-6



I'm not ready to die, but I'm not ready for the alternative either.